Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mmmmmmmmm, yarn!

Last bit on Ron Paul for now: The average contribution was $103 dollars, and he actually made $4.2 million in a 24 hour period. The 3.8 was midnight to midnight, eastern time. Also, his site is, sorry for not adding it the other day and thanks Krista for letting me know!

I got my package for winning the random drawing from the Sock A Month knitalong, Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Black Pearl, a color I would have chosen for myself, along with some really amazingly gorgeous stitch markers. Like amazingly amazingly gorgeous. And my first real stitch markers. Something other than paperclips to mark my place with, what a novelty!

{There will be a picture here of the gorgeousness, when I get home to take it!}

I've never used Lorna's Laces before, and now I need a perfect pattern to use for it. Any suggestions? Lee thinks I'm crazy for stroking the yarn as much as I have been since opening it and petting it, and cooing over it, and considering all the different patterns I've made and wanted to make, and how none of them are good enough. I know, I know, it's just sock yarn, but I'm a KnitPicks girl and this is better than that. I'm just lucky that the other sock yarn with the Monkey Sock Swap came with its own pattern! A pattern that I am slowly losing the battle with - I am not to cast on until I have other things done. Doesn't matter what, I just gotta finish stuff before I can have the enjoyment of running that yarn through my fingers. Socks are good for school projects, and as my housing has fallen through, I may be back in the dorms, so not all the yarn will be coming, I'm thinking. Well, maybe all the yarn, it really doesn't take up that much room, but if all the yarn, then no fleeces. So probably a box of fleece and the box of Christmas yarn along with whatever else fits in that box. Socks will fit. Lace will fit. Therefore, must not cast on new socks (except Christmas ones to make more room in the box!) or lace items until at school. So there. Crap, I think I just jinxed myself!

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