Sunday, November 4, 2007

Well THAT lasted awhile...

I blame Lee. He usurped the computer for nefarious deeds. Like Alpha Centuri, a video game that has taken over his soul. I attempted to entice him away with promises of food and Other Things, but he resisted. How am I dating the only guy to choose video games over Other Things?!?!?!

Ah well. Today I shall post thrice (and backdate, don'cha love Blogger?) to compensate. Seriously, the boy was gaming on Friday from the time he got home, stopped for about an hour and a half for us to deal with food, and then before I could claim the computer, continued with his game until 1 am. I had gone to sleep well before. So technically I could have fished out my laptop, the external keyboard now required to use it, and found another Ethernet cable and blogged from there, but we really don't have any good places to use such a setup here. And it's a major pain in the behind, and I didn't think of it until I was ready to sleep. Yesterday, I had the computer just long enough to upload the photos that I wanted to post about. But not long enough to post about them. Ah well.

In good news, I have two packages on their way to me, my Monkey Swap package and my winnings from the Sock a Month knitalong. My swapee still hasn't sent her address, so my Monkey package is still sitting here, waiting to be sent off to its home. I'll post after she has it, though I'm not sure if I'll unpack it to take pictures of the things I neglected to photograph. Like the cutest ever sock project bag. It is a floral denim print with sock monkey insides, a pocket outside for notions and things, and a square of the sock monkey fabric on the outside. MadCaterpillar on Etsy sells them, and here is the link to the one I got. I highly considered getting the orange corduroy one for my pal and keeping the floral one for me, but I could not justify such an expense for myself. So it is off to my pal, as soon as there is a place for it to go.

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  1. Your story about computer stealing makes me very happy we have a total of four computers in our apartment. Matt's desktop and laptop, my laptop, and Matt's old laptop that no longer works because Matt opened it up and tried to re-solder something. That and he's not as big of a PC person as I am (he's also got the GameCube, Play Station, and now DS). When he's editing photos, I don't think Other Things would distract him, either.


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