Thursday, November 1, 2007


So I figure I'll give this a try. The whole, post daily thing. It may or may not work. I'll tell you now, I am going to cheat slightly. I have three or four blog posts worth of stuff, and I'm going to write them all as drafts tonight. Then I just need to add pictures, edit, and publish on those days I just don't have time for an actual post. So I can maybe get a full post in daily.

As for a general update, which will be much more in depth later, I have gotten the nine sock WIPs down to six. One frogged, two finished, and one almost done - more on that one tomorrow. Ooooh, foreshadowing! I can't show off the two finished ones yet, but the frogged one I posted about last time. I also have another pair that would be as done as it's going to get until Christmas finished, but I've been working on stoles instead. I'm knitting socks for all my aunts for Christmas, same pattern, and I'm not putting on the toes. I'm going to measure their feets with the socks to make them exactly right. So I'm going to knit to about a size 7 foot, as they're all size 7 - 8, and then have them try them on on Christmas Eve. Everyone's pretty toasted by that point, so it'll be a really good time, trying on toeless socks so I can measure how much further I have to go before adding the toes. Yippee!!!

I'm keeping up (mostly) with the Secret of the Stole and working on Swan Lake (MS3) which is still not done. I figure if I keep it so I only allow myself to work on the same clue for SOTS as MS3 I'll actually finish both. I'm headed to the yarn store to pick up some Addi Lace US4 needles, since I really like KnitPicks Merino for lace and US4 is my preferred size, so I may as well get a better needle for such projects. The price tag is very off-putting, but I figure if I build it slowly, someday I'll have my Boye set and a set of Addis for special projects. Someday.

'Kay, gonna go home now.


  1. I wanted to let you know that I mailed your Monkey package today!

  2. I'm doing this as well. I posted a thread on the delaware knitters forum to see how many of us will be participating!

  3. I'm hoping I can keep up with the whole daily posting thing. My problem isn't coming up with things to post, it's coming up with things to post anyone would want to read. You wouldn't believe how many posts I started today along the lines of "I'm bored and at school" or "This weekend is going to be crazy." Sigh.

    Oh, how long are you in DE? Just curious. :) Matt'll be there for a day or two in a few weeks and it made me think of you.


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