Friday, October 30, 2009

Almost Halloween...

So, I've gotten the two buntings done, decided to not do the bibs because the yarn for them is big and bulky so not good for tossing in my purse and going and if I do more bibs I won't have enough yarn for a bag for myself, am going to have the booties done in time, and vetoed hats when the first one was able to stretch to fit my head. Not baby sized.

My biggest stumbling block: The party is at noon tomorrow. I have two engagements this evening, as well as picking up buttons for the buntings. I also have no dress, and realized, luckily before going too far, that the way the Japanese dress pattern pieces are printed, you need to add your own seam allowance.

Wait, what?


They have little lines where your tabs go for lining up the pieces. These lines must be extended 1.5 cm out and you have to cut out an offset for your seam allowance. Who does that? Why would you not have the seam allowance built in? Especially when there are edge markings that need to be involved? Apparently Japanese patterns do. It's not that much more paper, I buy a pattern for the ease of it all, why are you doing this to me?!?!?!?! At least I realized before getting myself into too much trouble! I only cut out a piece from the interfacing and it shouldn't be a problem.

The paper is also a bit strange. I'm pretty sure it's parchment paper, which is odd because I haven't been able to find any for baking. It's probably at the larger stores, but I haven't been to those recently and don't believe I've checked when I've gone in the past.

So odd, so very, very odd.

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  1. agree agree agree, about the patterns. what a pain!


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