Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Yes, I am a bonehead.

I realized it's almost October, and we're planning to send Christmas gifts home in just over a month, so I should really be closer to done with my Christmas knits.  I have two about done, and need to make four more cowls, a pair of knee-highs, a pair of Knotty gloves, probably box bags for all of them, and maybe some small things for my sisters.  Not sure yet.

I pulled out my Addi Turbo Lace, the only Addi needle I own, and cast on a 144 stitch Mobius cowl, and for anyone unfamiliar with the mechanics of a Mobius (I've only tried it once before) you actually cast on double the base number of stitches so you're knitting upwards and downwards at the same time.  That's 288 stitches.  It's also a much simpler cast on than even the backwards loop method, so I can't complain too much.  I knit about 100 stitches of the first row, then realize that the needles feel a bit...thin.

This is odd, because I was just knitting on my Secret of the Stole 3, Estes Park, to finish up the clue I was on before putting it away until Christmas gifts (and the last couple of test/sample knits on my plate) were done.  That is knit using the same size needles, US4/3.5mm.  I go to the WIP basket, where the stole has been exiled, and feel the needles.  Yup, definitely on the order of three sizes too large.

What the heck, I only just bought the stupid needles recently for the express purpose of knitting these cowls since my interchangeables are not so good at the Mobius setup.  Did I order the wrong set?  Checking my last Loopy Ewe order, nooo, I did not.  Crap, they must have given me the wrong needles!

I begin an e-mail letting them know I just found this out and was planning to place an order soon anyway, and then realize that the package for the US1s I was knitting with had a price tag on them.  A price tag that was not what I'd paid for the Addis from the Loopy Ewe.  Hmmm...did I maybe sometime buy another pair?  Definitely possible...not too probable, but possible...

I rooted around in my craft closet and lo and behold, another package of Addi Lace Turbos.  Size US4.  That's right, bonehead, you bought a set of US1s in Delaware because that's the smallest size the Addis came in and you wanted to try them with the cobweb weight cashmere you still haven't used.  That's why the package looked a bit less than crisp.  Moron.  You even swatched with them before.

Rip and redo!  Bonehead.

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