Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Why do I do these things?

I went shopping at the local craft store, Craft Heart Tokai. It's like a Jo-Ann Fabrics; it has fabrics, craft books and magazines, knitting and crocheting supplies, sewing notions including a lot of purse handles and buttons, beading stuff, and whatever the hottest craft fashions may be. I got a lot of stuff.

That's 20 skeins of yarn and 7.2 meters of 120 cm across fabric. With assorted zippers and buttons, though I forgot to get matching thread (I probably have some here anyway) and will need more buttons.

I have another two skeins of yarn to add to this pile, and we'll see if I can get through the majority of Halloween. That's right, I'm going to a costumed double baby shower on Halloween. I have no costume, so the fabric is for a blue dress to go with my devil horns. Devil with a blue dress on, get it? Out of the twenty skeins of yarn, half plus the other couple to add are baby shower gifts. Or at least, should be. For each of the two soon to be new mothers, I want to make:

1 Angel's Nest bunting in grey with white stripes to be gender neutral (because I didn't ask if they know).
1 pair of Sneaker Booties in green for gender-neutrality.
2 Modern Cabled Baby Bibs in brown and natural/white, again for gender neutrality.
and if there's time, a bonnet or hat to match the bunting. By Halloween.

I think I can do this, because I've already nearly finished the first bunting and I still have a week and a half to go, including a full weekend and Saturday if I need it since blocking won't matter with all the acrylic*. Also, the buntings are the largest items to make, though the sneakers might be the fiddliest. Buntings, bibs, sneakers, then hats if there's time, that's the order I'm planning to do it in. Along with finishing the black thread on my machine by continuing on my languishing box bags and then working on my dress, I should be (maybe) able to finish this all in a week and a half. Yes, I will fully own the fact that I may just be crazy.

*Yes, I know, acrylic will melt to your skin in a fire, but there is a very limited selection of items at my LYS, new parents will NOT handwash regularly and therefore something that needs handwashing won't get used, and I'm doing this one on the cheap. Also, if the baby is near enough to a fire to get acrylic melting to them, there was very little hope in the first place.

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