Saturday, January 1, 2011


Welcome to 2011!  How'd I do?


Panhandles (x2)

Husband Hat 

One Sock

Blue Sock 

Bibs (x6)

Pocket Creatures - Wasted the time trying to fix the sewing machine

Heart Box

Knitting Tools Case - And the sewing machine starts acting up!  Last couple of lines of stitching, and it stops working on me.  If it were earlier in the day, I may have been able to pull this one off, but I can't seem to figure out why the top thread is sometimes catching on the part the bobbin sits in and knocking it out of position.  Not every single time, just often enough to really mess it up.

Small Knitting Tools Case - Needs a button sewn on and the nifty pincushion bit sewn in.  Still.  I'm gonna blame this one on the faulty sewing machine too.

Box Bag


Lady Sunshine Test - Not even touched.  Probably won't be the first FO of 2011 because I still have a couple more things that have to go to family to finish up, and I really, really want to cross stitch.

Pretty good; only four WIPs of 2010 to continue to 2011.  Fourteen of a possible eighteen.  I blame the sewing machine issues - I spent more time than I should have trying to fix it.  If only I hadn't done the frivolous projects first...oh well.  Now for next year, I'll finish those and some of those older WIPs, finish everything that is started in 2011, and expand that to all Christmas stuff too.  I still have to start eight Christmas gifts!

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