Sunday, April 25, 2010

One More Hurdle...

Well. This top. It doesn't like me. I did the optional waist shaping (who doesn't like a shapely sweater?). I knit as written, though I might have been inclined to lengthen it a bit. I knew I didn't have much yarn, but I had a bit more than the pattern called for (524 compared to 500). My gauge is spot on. I ran out of yarn. This yarn is discontinued.

Luckily, there is Ravelry! I found two people who had made something in the same color I was using. One had no idea where extra yarn from that project would have gone to, though she did check her stash for me, which is awesome. Thankfully, the other had most of a skein leftover and was willing to send it off, along with her original swatches! I figured I needed less than a skein, but not a small amount.

Knitting away, knitting away, getting close to the end of the yarn...uh-oh. Out of yarn again. Two swatches. Let's hope I need less than that to finish!

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