Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thwarted Again!

So, I'm motoring along on this gorgeous top, hoping to get it done quickly because my knitting backlog is growing ever longer, and have yet again messed it up. First off, I used my lovely Addi Turbo Lace US7s, which caused my knitting to tighten up quite a bit and that did not work. The swatch said about 19 sts/28 rows, slightly tighter than it should be but not horribly. While knitting, it ended up being closer to 17 sts/32 rows, and that did not work at all. I restarted on my Boye Interchangeables US8s, which are working excellently.

I used up all the yarn from the first attempt, and am almost at the armpit, woo, getting there! Of course, I messed up one of the charts. Typically, I'd just drop the stitches down and pick them back up correctly. Sadly, I completely skipped the smock stitch portion of the cable. There is the same cable row both before and after the smock stitch, and I managed to knit the one before, and then continue on the one after. See image for correct version. D'oh!

A frogging I will go, a good 2", to fix that one. It is making me sad. Especially because this yarn, Austerman Step, is a gorgeous yarn, but horribly slippery, and the stitches will drop down given any chance to do so. This is the kind of project I wish I were a user of lifelines for. Typical lace, using wool or alpaca, is nice and sticky enough to mostly stay knit when I have to rip back. No lifelines necessary. This ribbing, however, will be more difficult to run the needle through correctly on the row that I want, and will try to slip down when I rip back. It's in time out. Until at least tomorrow, since, well, it's kind of a deadline piece, and should get done ASAP.


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