Monday, August 6, 2012

Ravellenics Update

We're a bit more than halfway through the Olympics, which means the Ravellenic Games are also over the halfway point. I've worked on four of the five things I set aside for the Games, finishing one so far:

Evendium, better pictures later!

It didn't need too much work, so I finished and photographed it quickly before heading to visit family. It almost didn't get finished due to some more "help" from my kitten:

She just doesn't believe things I make are not, in fact, for her. 

I think I'll finish two more, but it's not impossible that I'll just end up getting all five of them to the 80% point and not finishing any. My travel project, Variation on a Frill, is likely to be finished:

I've finished the second frill and almost 20% (22 of 120 repeats) of the center lace section. It should be done fairly soon. I'll be casting on the second Les Rideaux once it's done, though I don't think I'll finish that one.

Thirdly, I worked on my Broomstick Lace blanket while Lee drove, finishing the second panel in good time:

I hope the gauge is close enough!

One more panel to go, then seaming the three together,  a row of edging on either side, and a bunch of fringe on the top and bottom. I'm not looking forward to the fringe and honestly, I think I'll finish the blanket body in time but I may wind up missing the deadline due to the fringe. Must not let that happen!

Finally, I took a break between blanket panels to get the main section of my Marilyn Illusion to the 50% point, finishing the yellow yarn:

This one is unlikely to be done in time. These illusion pieces take a lot more time than they'd seem, being just knits and purls!

So that's the update. One down, two that will probably follow, and another two that probably won't get done during the Games. I plan to keep them in the rotation during the rest of August, along with the last 1/3 of the cat tunnel and the Mickey and the Fireman cross stitch that is getting close, so hopefully they'll be done this month.

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