Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The yarn count... went up. I'm still missing a mile of yarn somewhere, somehow. Most confusing.

Michael's kept giving me 40% off coupons, as did Jo-Ann fabrics, and the kitties need beds and things, and any extra acrylic can be used to make blankets for the shelter, and I got some yarn as a gift, and...yeah. Yarn fail. I've been good at finishing recently though, finished 14 cat toys and a few other things, and I'm using Ravelympics and the Harry Potter House Cup fall term to focus on WIPs. They're offering a WIP OWL as a limited beta run this fall, and I'm really hoping to be in the chosen group! Maybe I can get a few half-finished things all finished. So I can start more things.

Sisyphus, you say? I have absolutely no idea how that relates...

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