Sunday, July 14, 2013

Metro Update

So far Metro's been coming along very slowly since I restarted it. My plan from last time, knitting a ribbed hem horizontally and then picking up the body stitches from there, seems to be a great modification but took a long time (for me) to knit. So far, I have the hem and a couple of rows of the body worked.

Yesterday I was at an event where I was chaperoning groups of girls from one engineering activity to the next and then sitting in on the engineering activities. I was helping where appropriate, but during the lecture parts it was a perfect time to pull out my knitting and finish the hem. I also figured out what I should be doing with the corners:

As you can see, one corner worked out quite nicely while the other was a bit wonky. For the first corner (on the right), I did it exactly like a short-row heel, wrapping and turning at every stitch. It wasn't exactly what I was going for. For the second corner (on the left), I wrapped and turned every other stitch, creating a much more corner-like corner. This was probably something I could have learned by reading about it online before starting in. Since I figured out the better corner in the middle of the engineering day, I was happy that I have a camera in my phone so I could take a picture of the two corners before I ripped out the first, re-knit it, and picked up the body stitches. Currently it's not difficult or large enough to be unwieldy and I'm using it as my travel and reading project. It's not moving too quickly though. I've had very few lectures or meetings where knitting is appropriate and a lot of my reading has actually been skimming. Too much work, not enough time to enjoy the work I'm doing!

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