Saturday, July 6, 2013

TdF Update 2

I really have not been spinning along at all. I am moving forward bit by bit, but spinning with a wheel requires me to be at home and have time to sit down at the wheel, something I haven't really had much of since the TdF started. I think by the end, I will have spun the singles of the Mountain Magic and started in on the alpaca. Mountain Magic progress:

Ravelry is now beta-testing a spinning projects feature. I signed up for it and I'm thrilled Casey is working on it! You can add your spinning tools, there will soon be a place for fiber-as-stash, and instead of having handspun yarn as placeholders for yarn you're spinning, you get real project pages to track your progress. Have a look at the page for my Mountain Magic. You can sign up for it for yourself here. I found out thanks to Erika. I love Ravelry!

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