Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cross Stitch WIPs

Aside from the Camp Loopy and Tour de Fleece projects, I'm strictly working on WIPs. I've got 21 of 'em and about a million other things I want to work on. That includes a bunch of cross stitches - I've been in a cross stitching mood, wanting to open kits that are begging to be stitched and make some more of my own designs. I've got a couple of simple ones I really want to stitch up, a few interesting ones I want to try out, and some really complex ones that will take FOREVER but will also be simply amazing when they're done.

Right now, I have only four cross stitches in progress, and the magic number I would like to have is three. One large one, one medium one, and one small one. I currently have two large ones, one medium, and one small. Before I give in and start more, I want to finish three of the current ones, the small, medium, and one of the large pieces.

Small piece:

At this point, the cherub in the hoop is mostly complete but I'm too lazy to re-photograph it

This is a set of two pillowcases that I started a LONG long time ago (in a galaxy state far away). It's the oldest WIP I've got and it's so old I have no idea when it's from, just that my Grandmother bought it for me because I was interested in crafty things. It's got some rust stains from being left in the ring, but hopefully those will come out. I always finish a project, and this one is no different! I had to buy some more thread to finish it but I was waiting for Jo-Ann's to have their 3/$1 DMC sale before buying it. This one doesn't need much more for it to be finished so will probably be done this month. The trick will be not opening another kit immediately upon finishing this one!

Medium piece:

I like Christmas ornaments. They make good gift tags and are cute and often cheap, so I have kind of a lot of kits of ornaments hanging around. I started this one back in undergrad, either my third or fourth year, so it's probably seven years old. I love the detail in these and love stitching these small pieces. I just wish I didn't have to do all nine to call it complete!

Large piece #1:

This is my go-to large piece since it's pretty close. It's the project that lives by my bed and gets a few stitches a day (or at least, did when I had the time/energy to stitch a little before sleeping). I've just got to finish Mickey and then do all the backstitching and glow-in-the-dark details, not much further now! I started this one in undergrad as well, thinking it wouldn't take too much time. Idiot.

Large piece #2:

Old picture, but there's been no work on it since then!

This one hasn't been touched since undergrad and won't be for quite some time I'm sure. Once I finish the other three projects, I know I'll be working on some of my own smaller pieces. Or I may give in and start one of the also-large-but-smaller or also-large-but-more-white-space kits. This one is not only the largest Art of Disney kit size (18"x24"), it's also almost devoid of white space (non-stitched areas). Someday, I will get around to it, but that day is not soon!

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