Monday, July 1, 2013


June was an excellent month for yarn usage, finishing up just over 2 miles of projects with a net 1.7 miles of yarn loss. Sweet!

As for the rest of my June goals, I finished the shawl and have the yarn for the next project. I also kept up with the Steotch-Along and the only reason it isn't done is because we couldn't decide how to finish it until it was too late to go out to get the frame last night.

I have two goals this month. The first is to participate in Tour de Fleece, improving my spinning by spinning a worsted-style yarn, intended to be roughly fingering - sport weight and 2-ply, and going through a pound of alpaca fleece, intended to be roughly a DK-to-worsted 3-ply. I've got all the books my library had on spinning and am getting my spin on:

The second is to finish the Camp Loopy project for this month (and buy the yarn for the third and final Camp Loopy project. So really, 3 goals). Project 2 needs to be over 500 yards and must have over 1000 projects or be in over 1000 queues, and while there's only 364 projects, Metro is in over 2200 queues. It's a big one, over 800 yards and I'm planning to lengthen the sleeves and probably the body a bit. The cardigan is mostly stockinette, which helps, but I won't have all of that lecture time and I will have a lot of work deadlines coming up quickly. Knitting time will be at a minimum. While I'd love to say I'm going to knit at least a mile this month, I'm not sure that's going to happen! I'm also trying to take part in the Tour de Fleece, with a goal of spinning daily using tips and tricks from library books and YouTube during the Tour to improve my skills. With the spinning, yarn purchase for Camp Loopy project 3, and minimal knitting anticipated, I'll be happy if the curve doesn't go up this month!

Project 2: Begin!

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