Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Oh yeah, 2013 Yarn Count!

I apparently forgot about this in my year in review post. Luckily (?) leaving it so late I found that missing pink yarn from the last post. It climbed into a project bag it wasn't supposed to be in and hid under the rest of the yarn in there and I just didn't find it earlier.  It's added back into the stash now.

This year, I purchased 8.6 miles of yarn. I knit 9.83, using more than I purchased for the first time since I started keeping track in 2011.Woo!

Typical Chart

Ending the year on a good note, stash-reduction-wise. Not a great note, but a good one. For a look at what the variation in yarn is, I've set the y-axis to start at zero for the next one:

Not much really going on.

For the actual variation in 2013, there's one final graph:

2013 alone

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