Friday, January 17, 2014

Something Old...

I started a pair of gorgeous purple almost-knee-high socks in, oh, 2011. I finished the pair in a month, but one sock (the first) was a smaller size and did not fit as nicely as the second. They stayed in the "in-progress" bin for two and a half years. I finally got them out recently.

Step 1: Rip small sock back, winding it around the niddy-noddy as I go while fending off "helpers":

Step 2: Tie off to pile of half-ramen yarn:

Step 3: Wash yarn and hang to dry to remove ramen-ness (I don't always do this step when frogging back, but since the yarn had been knit up for over two years, it needed it!):

Apparently my niddy noddy makes a larger diameter - that or they just pull a LOT tighter in the Cascade factory!

Step 4: Use it as my carry-around project until it is finished:

 It will probably be some time before I finish.

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