Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Tour de Fleece: Day 10

First day of plying!

This one took some effort. First off, it wouldn't take up the yarn onto the bobbin. Then when I tightened the band enough that it did, the whorl spun off. I finally got it just right, and realized that it still wasn't giving me what I wanted and I needed to move to a larger whorl/lower ratio. That did the trick! Then I had issues getting the yarn to the wheel. I had to turn the bobbin with the opposing ply (spun Z, counterclockwise like plying while the other two were spun S, clockwise) around so the three bobbins were spinning in the same direction on the lazy kate. I had to tighten up the kate's tension. I had to rearrange how I was holding the plies. Eventually, I got a nice rhythm going and managed to keep it all smooth. I'm still not sure that the plying is giving me exactly what I want consistently, and with the opposing ply I'm not sure what exactly it should be doing. There will be yarn, and soon enough I'll find out if it is in fact the sock yarn I set out to make!

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