Sunday, July 16, 2017

Tour de Fleece: Day 15

So my grand plan for the challenge day, day 15, was to go through all the samples I have, giving me a pile of singles to ply for the rest of the Tour and finishing all of the fiber I acquired in 2016 (the current braid is the only 2017 fiber purchase). This would have been a good plan if I both owned more bobbins than I do (though as the samples are so small, doubling up or more on one bobbin probably would be fine) and also had fully finished the singles I was working on. The opposing ply was all used up but I didn't use up all the singles the day before. I began to two-ply the remaining singles. I figured it would be a quick process and I'd be able to move on to the samples, even if I couldn't spin all seven singles.

After the next bobbin ran out, I tried to chain-ply the rest of the final bobbin. It was a hot mess. The wheel for some reason is not wanting to take up the yarn at that ratio. This meant that my chain-ply was closer to ramen than yarn and everything was just a problem. I pulled it all out. Next time, I'll learn how to make a plying bracelet. Maybe I'll get through some of those samples, but if not, at least this braid will be done, and that was my only real goal.

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