Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Tour de Sock 2017: Stage 1 Mistake

Stage One of Tour de Sock did not go off without a hitch. I made a big enough mistake that I had to drop back and fix it, as I could not live with it and knew I would not fix it later! Can you see the problem? I dropped a YO and miscounted, then fixed my count before the line of YOs and still had a miscount in that section. Of course, I didn't figure this out until I was inches beyond that point, when I finally realized the count was wrong in the next fin section.

 I dropped down to fix the problem. I dropped down a large number of rows.

I knitted my way back up again, fixing the pattern and hoping the extra stitch would end up blocking out.

Going back up made the purl rows easier, I was able to knit those back and forth instead of purling across!

Good as new, though leaving the error would have given me a few extra places in the leaderboard. Probably not enough to win more points though, so I am glad I fixed it when I did!

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