Thursday, April 3, 2008

Can't Play By My Own Rules...

Why is it that I can't seem to read directions correctly when I'm test knitting? Specifically, directions about the gauge. This is the second time I've test knit something and knit the yarn to the ball band gauge, which is not quite the gauge called for. The first time, it wasn't a problem, but this time, it most certainly is. So, I'll be re-starting the cardigan I started a couple of days ago. Sad, since I was about halfway done with the body (to the armpits), but now it'll actually fit. It's going to go to my sister. Also, it's rather difficult to test knit something for someone if you're not actually knitting to the gauge the pattern is meant for.

I've broken my self-imposed rules about starting projects. And you thought my worrying about approaching the limit was foolish! It's a test knit that I'm getting compensated for though, so it can get priority. I have a second test knit item in the wings, a pair of socks. They need the needles that my Thelonius are currently on, so that gives me incentive to finish. That and I'd really love to wear the socks to my robotics meeting on Monday. I'm currently on the heel flap, so I shouldn't too much of a problem finishing them this weekend. Especially since I realized that I need to rip and re-do the cardigan/hoodie, and don't have the rest of my Boye Needlemaster with me to switch them out. What really bugs me is that I almost started with what should be the correct needles (US9 as opposed to the 8s that I'm using) and then switched them out upon realizing my error. I'm getting about 4.5 sts/in and 6 rows, but the gauge is 4 sts and 5.5 rows. D'oh!

Yes, Rogue is on hold. Yes, so is almost everything else. But test knitting comes first, especially when it's a hoodie I can give my little sister, who was oh-so-not thrilled with her Christmas socks. Also, I'll only be one project ahead of the allowed, so finishing one won't be that big a deal. If I can find one I want to finish and stick to it!

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