Friday, April 18, 2008


Chinatown is a wonderful movie. Simply wonderful. I loved it a lot. Which is good, because I wasn't sure how good all those AFI movies would be. I'm very glad to have found one I really enjoyed, instead of just saying either "yeah, I can see why that's on the list" or "how the !@#%$#% did that get on the list?"

I will have you know that, as I am typing this, I am also wearing one sock because I have just finished knitting the first sock of the test knit pair. I have also bought the zipper for the hoodie. I should be finishing both this weekend, and maybe the two little almost done amigurumi. I will also probably be starting the baby dresses and/or booties before finishing all that, though, because if I finish the four before starting anything else, I will be below 10, and once I get below 10, I shall be trying to stay that way. So I gotta get the interesting new projects done so they don't tempt me while I'm finishing Blaze. Or Rogue. Or Peasantry. Or cross stitching. Wow, are those three sweaters really the only unfinished knit items I have with me? Except for the sock I'm frogging, they are. Wow.

Hey, speaking of the sock I'm frogging, if I finish all four PLUS frog the sock, I will be at 8, and therefore can make new things because as long as I finish one before the next, I'll still be below 10. Awesome.

As promised, here are some lovely pictures of things that have been going on:

Present I received from the lovely Angela:

Lovely laceweight that will be paired with my leftover MS3 black for a flame scarf.

Warm and toasty for the ears. Which is actually really good, because, living here in a cold climate, I have a hat that I've crocheted for myself. One. And I don't wear it all that often either. Every cold day, I say, I really should make me something to cover my ears. I'm not so much a hat person, but something like this or a calorimetry is what I have been coveting. And now I have one, in a very beautiful colorway, yay! Just in time for this:

In March. Yeah. Love you, Rochester!

And look, I'm crafty in other ways too! Painted chocolates. I had most of a pound of white chocolate leftover from Easter, so I colored a bunch of it and made Care Bears. Not all actually in the correct color scheme, but tasty nonetheless.

I got a picture of the almost done Thelonius (now finished) with some flowers, yay! Spring does exist in Rochester!

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  1. I'm glad you like the yarn and headband. There was no chance of my using, well, either and instantly thought to send 'em your way. Enjoy the cold as I sit here and sweat in 90-something degree heat - ok, right now it's 70 but it'll be hot soon.


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