Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Leaving Rochester...Maybe...Stupid Rochester...

It snowed today. Not much, just enough to be snow. In April. April 30th. Not like April Fool's Day or anything, but on the last day of April. The saying goes "April showers bring May flowers" and it's supposed to be RAIN showers, not snow. Oh well. I may be nearly done in Rochester. Or not. Who knows? Not me. At least, not yet.

Lee and I interviewed with Kanazawa Technical College for teaching positions in Japan. Send some good karma our way for that! They know we want to move together and are considering hiring us as a pair. That would be excellent. I'm really really REALLY hoping that's how it works out. If so, I'll be enlisting the aid of the Japanese Knitters group over on Ravelry for tips/advice/meetups once there. Though after a quick search, looks like there aren't any knitters/crocheters from Kanazawa on Ravelry. Ah well. Send good thoughts anyway! Japan for three years would be excellent. They say 10 - 14 days before they'll contact us, so we'll just have to wait and see!

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