Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Zoo

I finally went to the Seneca Zoo, here in Rochester. This is my fifth year at RIT, and I finally got someone to take me. Lee and I went for a couple of hours when I realized I didn't have rehearsal and he didn't have anything planned either. Get ahead on homework? Work more on the job search? No, extra time + beautiful day = zoo + dinner at Delmonico's.

I've also finally got pictures of Thelonius, but not pictures of the baby dresses I'm crocheting now. I plan to offer the English translation once I've finished, since the pattern is currently only in Danish. I'm pretty sure I've translated it correctly. At least, it looks like what it's supposed to!

I'm still plugging away at my crocheted baby items, and I've also started working on my Cinderella Castle cross stitch again. I shall finish the castle today and start working on the moat. The worst part about such things is that they take so freaking long, and if you accidentally grab the light pearl grey because in the fluorescent lighting it looks like white and then use it for a bunch of parts, only to realize when you get home that it's not right and then rip it out again, it takes even longer.

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