Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Stupid Rochester

So on Monday, I spent the gorgeous sunny day wishing I had my camera with me. The sun was shining, birds were singing, it was warm out, and it really felt like spring. I even saw Spring; there was a beautiful little bunch of purple flowers, newly blooming in one of the garden plots. I had my Thelonius socks with me and they matched the flowers beautifully! I had my Rogue with me and I grafted the hood; it would have been lovely to take its picture (sans sleeves as of yet) at the oriental garden near the art building. The sun was glinting through the windows in my Food and Wine pairing class, shining off of and through the colorful wines we had poured in our five Riedel glasses. That, along with the plate of delicious food, would have made a most excellent image. But alas, there was no camera to be had. I did not bring my camera yesterday because I would not have had any time to be taking any pictures, though it was again a lovely, sunny day.

Today, I brought my camera, determined to photograph my lovely socks during my lunch break with the flowers that went oh so well with them. Rogue is now at home, so wouldn't have gotten photographed. Also the body of the hoodie I'm working on is at home since it's waiting for the sleeves, and I'm just starting those. It was gorgeous all morning as I was cleaning and doing homework (and sleeping in late since I just haven't been sleeping well in general). Lee went out for a bike ride and wore shorts today. I wore a long sleeved shirt, jeans, and sandals, because I'm always cold, but was thinking I'd have been fine in short sleeves as I was walking in. I'm sitting in my noon class, waiting for it to be over so I can go back outside to enjoy the lovely day and take pictures while scarfing down lunch so I can go back to the labs and do more homework. I'm getting apprehensive because the sky is starting to look dark. It always looks dark because someone decided to make the windows in the engineering building act like sunglasses. Because that's necessary in a place where it's cloudy 75% of the time the building is in use...So I'm ready to go take my pictures, and it starts raining as I walk out. Stupid @#%@$^ Rochester. And of course, when I've finished my homework and am sitting inside, tutoring, until my 6 - 8 class, it's all sunny again. Why does Rochester like to torment me so???

I did not finish my Thelonius for Monday's meeting. I instead finished the body of the hoodie I'm test knitting for and worked on Rogue a bit. I finished the hood because I thought I needed the circular connector for an extra long needle to magic loop the sleeves of the child's hoodie I'm test knitting. Sleeves are only 32 stitches around, so the magic loop doesn't quite work. I got size 10 DPNs instead. Now that Rogue is not taking up any useful materials, I do believe she'll go into hibernation for awhile. I won't be wearing her until it gets cold again, and I have a bunch of other projects I can work on. Also I swear I got 11 or 12 skeins of yarn, and only currently have 10. I think I accidentally left the other two in my Albany yarn boxes. Which means I probably can't finish her now, since I think it'll take a bit more than 1.5 skeins per sleeve. If I get more, it won't be of the same dye lot, so I'd have to knit one row of each dye lot starting at the bottom of the sleeves so it wouldn't be noticed. Which means I can't start the sleeves until I find the errant skein or two, or break down and get more. She looks great though, even without the sleeves! Pictures to come, along with a post about the pocket and the hood graft, as well as my sizing choices. Because you all want to know about that, right?

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