Thursday, April 17, 2008

Quick Update

So, I finished a pair of socks, and started a pair of socks. Another test knit for Gardiner Yarn Works. I finished all the knitting on the Little Cabled Hoodie (again, Gardiner Yarn Works) and just need to get a zipper to finish it all up. I also have two little amigurumi that need just a little bit of work to be completed. I also have a friend who's had?...having?...haven't spoken to him in a couple months...anyway, there is/will be a little girl sometime around now-ish. So, I'm thinking of making a couple cute little quick baby dresses (Ravelry) from stash yarn and a matching pair of baby booties (Ravelry). I have black and white, so I was going to make one black dress with a contrasting (maybe white, maybe something else) stripe near the bottom, and one white with a black stripe near the bottom, and a pair of booties that are black on the bottom and white on the top. I have the yarn, I just need the correct size crochet hook and the time. I've also been really wanting to cross stitch recently.

I tossed Blaze into my backpack, since I finished the hoodie, so I can make advances upon it. It would be great for the fall, so hopefully I'll get it done by then. It would be great to get it done sooner than the fall, say, by the end of the month so it's done already, but it's a bit tedious. Not sure it'll happen. But I won't be putting other crafts into the backpack, so I should make some grudging progress. I also carry my purse with my backpack, and I have socks in there. The real question is how many pairs of Christmas socks I'll finish while putting off working on Blaze...

I haven't been making much headway in my 101 things, but I have been reading. The movies I've been watching have been not so much on the list. I've found that Mrs. Dalloway, by Virginia Woolf, is a much better read when you're drinking tequila. Makes ever so much more sense that way. I'm still angry at It for having missing pages. Stupid book...

Pictures of things in my camera. I will be getting them off of my camera and onto the internets either tonight or tomorrow, since I will have uninterrupted computer time as Lee is in Fort Wayne, Indiana for a job interview. Send good vibes his way!

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