Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oh NO!

In my last post, I showed off my scrap Companion Cube.  I had two possible sets of yarn in the correct colors, one wool, one acrylic, and since I'd rather use up the acrylic and save the wool for projects where wool is required, I chose acrylic.  Getting to the large dark gray body of the Cube, I checked my stash on Ravelry and noticed I had 1.19 skeins, so I figured as long as I was able to get a chunk of the second of eight corners done from the partial skein, I'd be fine.

I didn't realize until much later (when running out of yarn fairly quickly) that I actually had 1 skein and 19 ounces left.  Clerical error.  These skeins are, in fact, only 40 oz skeins, so I actually had nearly 1.5 skeins.  Therefore, the nearly two squares I'd gotten from the partial skein were not even close to what I needed to get out of it for a full eight squares.  I've got just over 6 done.

No problem, I'll just go to the dollar store and grab another skein, I'll only need one more.  Except here, they are highly seasonal and the stock is not ever something you want to bet on at any craft store.  The only color of that brand left in stock is yellow.  Yellow is not dark gray.  I went to the nearby dollar store - no luck.  The craft store near there - no luck.  I think I'll have to hit up one or two more tomorrow or Saturday, and finish everything else up as fully as possible in order to finish on time.  Worst case scenario, I have to use my wool, different fiber and a couple shades darker, but it will work for this Valentine's Day at least, and I can always rip and re-do those last couple squares when the store has the correct yarn in again.  This tends to be a staple yarn and even a different dye lot would almost certainly be closer to the shade of the rest of it than the wool is.

Stupid last-minute projects that are supposed to be cute and quick and easy.  I was so pleased with how everything's coming out, the hearts are all nicely shaped (contrary to what the picture seems to show) and sewn onto their circle backings, my tension didn't change between pieces, I got a nice square of foam to cut into the correct size so that the cube is actually cube-shaped, and then I run out of yarn.  D'oh!

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