Friday, February 11, 2011

Nearly All My Bases Covered

In taking stock of my current WIPs, I noticed that I had one of nearly everything - one cabled, one colorwork, and one easy knit, along with one crochet project and one cross stitch project.  Just about whatever I could want.  Towards the top of my to-knit queue, there's some simple socks (which I nearly cast on for recently, when I thought the Rhiannon Socks might be too challenging to be my travel project), another work vest I just purchased the pattern for because Vogue is running a pattern sale right now, and a lace square that I'd like to make for my sister as a possible christening wrap for her baby and a shawl she can use at her wedding, a sentimental heirloom of sorts.  It was also the perfect project for some undyed Knit Picks Bare laceweight that's been in my stash since a year or two before Japan.  Time to move it along!

Of course, I immediately realized I had no lace ongoing.  In my natural state of knitting on all the things at once (or at least, all the things I have needles for), did I pull out the second-oldest project from my WIP basket to finish it?  Of course not!  I started a new lace project, Spanish Armada, after realizing I'd have to make a trip out and about if I want the same yarn to finish the Cube. 

It's not too far along yet, just the first chart, but I think it'll be amazing when it's done!  I'm Magic Loop-ing until it's large enough to work all on the needle.  I'll be switching out the Print O'the Wave pattern for probably a solid or nearly solid small design to break up the two patterns, and then go on to the final pattern and find some sort of knitted on edging to finish it off with.  I don't like the wave pattern and I also have a bit less yarn than called for, so I'd rather cut that one out and find a nice edging to knit on instead.  I might just shrink it a lot instead.  And keep the original edging.  Who knows?

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