Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Totals

It's November now, solidly Fall. Time to be wearing those cute sweaters that are still yarn in my stash! Oh well - I did do a lot of Christmas knitting (and a bit of yarn acquisition), so with a last-minute blocking session finishing 8 projects on the 31st, I managed to barely continue the downward trend. By 11 yards. First is without the fun yarn (Wollmeise/Noro), and the jump up counts the incoming yarn:

This month I also finished off three nailpolishes. I haven't been posting, but I have still been polishing, and I finished off the base coat, Cover Girl's Hue Thrill Me, and L'Oreal's Spirited Plum, though I have a second bottle of that. I should buy another OPI base, but I probably won't until I'm back in the US again.

About that yarn acquisition - I received my skein of Wollmeise this month for finishing the Loopy Ewe Summer Camp Projects and I found some Noro Kureyon at the yarn store while buying more DMC Senso for potholders, so got enough of that for a Lanesplitter. The Christmas yarns I bought, while adding to the total, are mostly used or at least, started at this point. I finally went through and added all the Senso given to me by a friend before she left Japan in July; with the potholders I decided they were now my stash rather than in the free yarn for others pile. Nine new balls (not all 100% though) plus the three I bought to supplement what I had, and I am nearing 40 miles of yarn. Again. Still. Forever. Probably actually over 40 miles due to the secret yarn I can't add and the no-label laceweight I have that I haven't tried to weigh/measure. Sigh. First world problem - I'm complaining about having too much nice yarn. Hey look, yarn!

The color on the Wollmeise is really not so good - it's more of a purple and puce, and I think it'll look awesome in...something. No idea what. It's on the shelf for now. I've been in love with the Lanesplitter skirt since I saw it and finally my local store stocked Noro. Well, semi-local, my really local store had none. Amazing how difficult it is to find one of the major Japanese yarns that nearly everyone knows in the US around here. I finally got some, figuring that I should have some kind of very Japanese yarn souvenir from my three and a half years of living in Japan. Yes, they are all the same dye lot, they just start at different areas of the skein. Can't wait to see how the colors play together!

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