Sunday, December 4, 2011

Another Whoops

I made an adorable ball from Paton's Classic Wool scraps for my nephew for Christmas. I was going to knit him a Celestine, but decided that it was too much work for me to make a second one, so I kept it. Bad aunt, but hey, who's going to know? Aside from everyone who reads this blog?


I also planned to knit an elephant, Elephante to be exact, from some of those same scraps. I made the ball first, though had I been thinking correctly, I'd've made the elephant first to be sure I didn't run out of the yarn I wanted to use for it.

I suppose you can guess where this is going.

While I'm not actually out of yarn, I am going to run out before I finish. So, should I keep going and pretend I don't notice the lack of yarn until it is very, very obvious, and figure it out then? Should I rip out the blue and use the lighter blue? Should I rip out the head and make the trunk, legs, tail, and ear edging dark blue while the body is the lighter blue? Or, and I think this is what I'm leaning towards, should I use red to make the body? I just hope I have enough red. It won't be a gorgeous elephant, and I don't know why I just didn't do it as a solid color with the lighter blue from the outset, but I think a red body will work. Babies like bright colors and contrasts, right?

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