Tuesday, December 20, 2011


The rest of the potholders have been completed without incident. Well, without major incident - of course there were a few times where I had to rip back to the row below, realizing that I'd miscounted or skipped a stitch or something like that, but no major mistakes or mishaps. Enough yarn for all of them, enough petals too, and on time, early even!

Pattern: Gehaekelte Topflappen (Rav)
Yarn: All were made using two colors of DMC Senso, mostly 100% Cotton but the green/orange one was Microfiber Cotton like the first.
Hook: 3.25mm/USD
Timeframe: Started the first on September 12, finally blocked them on October 31, except the pink/blue (September 4 - 17) and the green/orange (December 14 - 17).
Mods: I made a 14 petal flower and went around the center with the contrast color too. Final pattern I used is here.
Problems: Inability to count to 14 on one of the blue/orange ones.


This one wasn't early. I finished it on the bus ride to gift it and wove in the ends while I was at the cookie party I was gifting it at. I also forgot to get a picture of the back, but it'll be just like all the others, except light orange.

Love the finished potholders, and I'm now looking at what I've got left and wondering which color combinations would look good in our kitchen. Though what I should be doing is finishing the Christmas presents so I can get some of the bulkier worsted weight out of my stash and into my wardrobe in the form of sweaters and things!

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