Friday, December 2, 2011

November's Numbers

Here's the final November count:

Down nearly a mile, though not quite. I also went through and figured out how much yarn I've knit up this year and how much I've purchased. I've purchased just under 10 miles of yarn (most of it was for presents! I swear! And the Loopy Ewe summer camp...), and knit just over 9 miles so far. So basically, for this year, I may barely be able to squeak by with less yarn than I had at the beginning. If I knit like a crazy person this month. Which I probably will what with Christmas only 23 days away and two long vacations coming up. Looks like a safe, conservative estimate of how much yarn I knit per month is about half a mile, roughly two and a bit pairs of socks. That will likely change next year; I'll have only one project with me from April through July, and with (hopefully) grad school starting up in the fall, I have no clue how much knitting time I'll have!

The big conundrum for this month: I know I cannot finish all of my 2011 WIPs. I still have some Christmas stuff to finish and Rhiannon is a very time-consuming sock, so there's no way I'll be able to finish the gifts and the two pairs of long socks I've started but not finished this year. Which are the only non-gift WIPs that require more than a couple of minutes of finishing work. So, do I attack those in a vain attempt to finish all the 2011 projects like I wanted to this year, or do I do one or two quick projects for me? The rest of the gifts are not really travel-able projects, so I need something in my bag this month after I finish Lee's socks. I can either start in on the second Treetop Sock and probably finish that, or I can likely make both a pair of Thujas for me (first one out of, according to Ravelry, 18) and a vest for work out of some Patons Classic Wool, a quick worsted weight knit. Hmmm....decisions, decisions. Probably will go for the socks since I didn't realize that they should be the only non-finished knits of 2011.

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