Thursday, December 15, 2011

Final Christmas Scarf

We've got the Snowflake Scarf, the Dark Mark Scarf, the Penguin Scarf, and finally the last one, the UB scarf:

Pattern: My own, based off of the Oh You Illusion Scarf (Ravelry)
Yarn: Anny Blatt Princess Anny, 2 skeins of each (blue and white)
Needles: US4/3.5mm
Timeframe: October 4 - December 11
Mods: Technically the whole thing was a mod because it's my pattern. So there.
Problems: None I noticed while knitting...

As you can see, I accidentally knit a row of white towards the end. If I'd noticed and either fixed it or added a couple more, it could have been a design feature, but now it sticks out like the mistake that it is. Oh well, not going back to fix it now! I was originally going to put the "UB" logo along the entire scarf, but decided against that. Love how it turned out, just hope my sister feels the same way!

All of the illusion scarves are now done, hopefully to their recipients' liking, the in-laws gifts have already been wrapped and sent, and now I just need to finish up the last few things for my family's gifts, like the three HUGE, what-was-I-thinking?!?! illusion pieces and the little keychains as gift tags to go with the scarves. I also have a dismembered elephant to piece together.

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