Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year's End

Well, it's almost already 2012, I just didn't have internet on my vacation. This past year's goal was to finish WIPs, with carryover goals of using my non-laceweight stash so I don't end up bringing more back from Japan than I brought to Japan.

I started with 15 WIPs, so the largest difference between how many FOs and how many FOs this year should be 15. I decided that since I'd actually cut out 3 box bags, they were added to the WIP count, and then I counted an addition to an old project as a finish, so that was not technically a new project either. 19 official old WIPs. I did not finish all of my 2011 projects either, ending the year with 22 WIPs, five of which were Christmas presents and four unfinished socks.

Almost all of my pre-Japan WIPs (except for the pesky cross-stitches and a stole) were finished, hooray!

As for yarn count, well...I have a lot of yarn. More than I'd like. More than I started the year with, even. I am disappointed by that, since I was hoping to use all the yarn I'd brought to Japan and ship minimal crafting stash home. I blame the internet - too many pretty yarns that all can be shipped anywhere in the world! Sure, maybe somebody had to click the correct buttons, but if it weren't for the internet...who am I kidding, I'd've bought more yarn anyway! Just probably not quite so much.

If I counted the skeins of yarn used in unfinished projects, I did in fact knit more yarn than I purchased this year. Officially, however, I did not.

I do have some lovely new additions to my wardrobe, though not as many as I'd like, and some gorgeous yarns I'm happy to have on hand. I also have a large number of overestimated yarn leftovers that are really annoying. I'd rather have that extra skein if it's going to be close, but nearly two full skeins leftover from a three skein purchase is a bit much. I have more worsted weight yarn than I'd like right now, but most of it is project leftovers.

All in all, I sucked at knitting goals this year. I finished 68 total projects, 59 of which were started and finished in 2011. 11 of the 19 pre-2011 projects were finished, meaning I have 15 2011 WIPs. I'm going to try to start January off with a bang and finish a few things!

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