Saturday, January 14, 2012

Win Some, Lose Some

I'm on the way out of Japan, less than three months, so it's time to really crack down on all the crafts I've got lying around. I used up some glass jars making mint hot fudge for relatives for Christmas:

If you're looking for a good basic hot fudge, one that thickens when it hits the cold ice cream, I highly recommend this one. You can add the mint or change it to any other flavor you want to make delicious orange, raspberry, or just plain vanilla flavoring. Delicious! This one was a win.

Next up, I wanted to use a candle making kit I had in the closet. The instructions clearly show you drilling a hole in the bottom of an egg shell, sticking up the wick through the hole, and I suppose praying. I was a bit skeptical, but figured it'd work.

Instead of the wick and metal bit creating a seal in the bottom of the egg, the wick fell out of the metal bit, creating a hole for all the wax to spill out. I re-melted the wax and made paper cup candles instead of egg candles, but was a bit annoyed by the instructions. Next time, metal bit goes inside the egg, with no holes!

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