Tuesday, January 17, 2012

WIPs Today


Would be a bit further, but there was some major pattern errata that I didn't find at first, then was confused about and had to rip back. Not far, but still, I was flying through and it caused me to grind to a halt for a bit. The surprising thing was only one Ravelry project mentioned the problem with the chart, so I assumed it was someone who didn't really know what they were doing, especially since they mentioned it was their first Fair Isle. Apparently she was the only knitter (on Ravelry who knit this pattern) to notice the major difference between the model sweater and the chart, as well as how the chart is just...off...when knit. I suppose since it is Vogue the others could have thought that it was just a design quirk, but it does annoy me that my first Vogue pattern had these problems, also annoying that I had to wade through a lot of errata for that particular issue to learn that this one hadn't been found yet. I reported it, and even though I was annoyed by the setback, I think I'll love the finished product!


This month, I am organizing my sewing area for moving. In fact, it's about good to go at this point; all the fabrics I'm taking are in the drawers, and the only less-than-organized part is the notions/etc. drawer that will probably just get tossed into a small box because I'm pretty sure it's all going. I'm selling off my machine here instead of taking it too.

As part of the organization, I'm using up all of the Japanese fabrics that I have lying around. That's enough for two pillows, a billionty box bags (billionty = 13 in this case), two shirts*, a skirt, all the cloth button magnets I have supplies for, and a partridge in a pear tree. At least the sewing machine things I'm planning to finish this month, the magnets I'll probably work on next month.

*The shirts are wonderfully stretchy tank tops, a pattern I had so many problems downloading but that ended up being absolutely perfect. It's my bottom-most layer for hiking gear, functioning as a bra tank while having straps wide enough to not be uncomfortable under the backpack straps. I'm making an extra out of scraps in the next size down and I bought fabric for an even smaller one because I'm likely to lose a bit of weight on the trail and I had enough problems trying to find a good tank in the first place that I decided to make one, so I'd better have a supply on hand!

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