Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Heck Yes!

I did not actually knit all of the yarn in the mile of downward slope there. I did however buy .5 miles of yarn, used .8 miles, and I managed to give away/put into the "to charity" pile the other .7 miles of yarn out this month, including some to a Raveler who needed it to finish a project. Will I be packing less than 30 miles of yarn to be shipped to the US? No. It'll get close though!

I'm keeping out 4,000 yards of cobweb weight yarn for my Summer of '12 project (a HUUUGE shawl to be knit while walking the Appalachian Trail), which is about 2.25 miles. I've got some bulky yarn that will either be a couple of cowls for the "random gifts" pile or will be in the "to charity" pile, but either way is not coming as yarn. I've also got two more months of knitting before I go, which may include nearly a mile of yarn that's already knit but not counted because it's in unfinished projects, but even if I knit as much yarn as I did this month, I'll only get it down to 31 miles at the lowest, and that doesn't count the stuff I'm going to finish spinning before I sell my wheel.

My sewing area is nearly all packed up and finished. Some last minute needed thread and zippers has caused a bit of a delay, so that should be done around January 34th. Maybe 36th. Soon! Productive month, I just gotta keep it up!

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