Friday, January 11, 2013


Last time I talked about the pincushion I received from a swap. This time, now that my partner has her biscornu, I'm going to show of the one that I made! I made a handheld one, roughly the size of a typical tomato pincushion so my swap partner could use it as a pincushion rather than earrings or a scissors fob or something like that. Biscornu earrings are adorable, and I may have to make myself a pair someday!

For my partner, I chose an Ink Circles design for the bottom and a Day of the Dead free pattern I found for the top, adding some flowers to fill out the stitchable area. I dyed the Aida cloth with tea so the white skulls would stand out against it, and then stitched the two designs:

Obligatory backside pictures because I love them so much:

I followed a tutorial through Own Two Hands when putting the biscornu together. Next I outlined them so they had the same number of backstitches around for seaming. I also added some scrap fabric for stability and to be sure the stuffing doesn't come out too easily:

Finally, I seamed and stuffed it, adding buttons to the center of each design to pull in the middle so it is in fact a pincushion and not somewhat spherical:

Top view, biscornu'd:

Bottom view, biscornu'd:

I am so very pleased with how it turned out! I'm currently on a cross-stitch kick and want to STITCH ALL THE THINGS! but I have some knits I need to finish due to deadlines, some others that I really want to wear, and cross stitches don't count in the Harry Potter House Cup. I'm trying to earn ALL THE POINTS there - maybe next month I'll have something I can use a cross-stitch piece for.

Sigh. So many things to craft, so little time!

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