Thursday, February 12, 2015

Just not feeling it...

I typically start a project and finish it (eventually). Rarely do I rip out projects once they've been started. This month, however, I'm on my third! One was too small, the second was a too-small UFO that I thought I frogged years ago, and this one I'm just not excited about. And I need a new hat.

The yarn is for the slipped stitch prompt for The Loopy Ewe's Loopy Academy (Semester 2). Originally, I chose Tuscany, a sock pattern that was in my queue for awhile. Then I realized I didn't really like it, so switched to a similar but more appealing sock pattern, Valley Vine Socks. Now, I'm not excited to knit it and am not particularly looking forward to finishing. I don't really need a pair of worsted weight socks. I do need a new hat. Zinnia Dahlia it shall be!

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