Thursday, August 20, 2015

Cat Cave

I managed to get almost a mile of yarn I wasn't going to be using any time soon out of the stash and into a usable format for my cats:

Pattern: Large Pineapple Doily (Ravelry mine)
Yarn: DMC Cebelia Cotton Size 30
Hook: US11 steel hook/~1.1mm
Timeframe: November 14, 2014 - January 19, 2015
Mods: This follows the pattern so loosely I'm not sure I should even consider it to be based on that pattern. It has the same basic shape but different increases for the floor, I went back-and-forth around the opening (the original pattern cuts and re-starts to make it look nice) and I do some different decreases in the top to make it start to curve in before making a flat roof. I started with the pattern, then did my own increases, then ripped back again after it just didn't work the first time:
Problems: Following the original pattern did not work with my yarn and then I realized that the yarns I was planning to use would run out before I was done. Screwing it up the first time was actually a good thing so I could re-do the color scheme!

It could stand to be a little taller, but the big cat (pictured) likes small spaces. She's been in it quite a few times, and both cats have fought in and around it so I think they like it. There's a little bit of the green and a skein and a half of the white left. I used nearly all the yarn I wanted to for it, finishing off seven skeins that weren't likely to be used any time soon. Score!

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