Monday, August 10, 2015

Stranded Socks

Another lonesome sock has been paired!

Yarn: Eden Cottage BFL Sock in April '09 Sock Club British Woodland and Knit Picks Essential (now Stroll) in Navy and Black
Needles: US1.5/2.5mm
Timeframe: May 31 - June , 2015
Mods: Top-down for a better fit, no CC stripe at the toe because I remembered I was supposed to do it after I cut the yarn on the first sock. Oops!
Problems: I didn't line up the instep and sole patterns, but I'm not all that fussed. Also the blue yarn ran out so I had to do the last inch of the pattern and the toe of the second sock in black.

You may have noticed that these socks, unlike pretty much all of my others, are not on sock blockers. Mine have finally been retired. They're wooden, and have gotten quite a few crack along the edges - cracks that can snag yarn. I tried sanding and sealing the edges, but putting damp socks on continued to damage the wood. Had I shellac'd the whole thing when I got them, they might still be fine, but I did not consider heavy-duty sealing until they were already warped and cracked.

They have snagged their last, having almost broken a float while I was putting the bottom-most sock on. Now, do I replace them with heavily-shellac'd wood, plastic, or metal ones?

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