Wednesday, August 12, 2015

More Sewing

I had a bunch of extra silk scarves for Nuno felting and a need for some small, lightweight bags, so I sacrificed one scarf for these:

This bag for my tarot cards was quick and well done. I folded the silk in half, double-folded the ribbon casing so the cut edges were on the inside, and took my time to make it nice. The silk seems to be yellowing a bit with age, but that's okay, it's doing its job!

A couple of weeks ago we were doing the final pack the morning that we were driving out to Virginia for a conference and some hiking. We have a new tent and stakes for that tent, but they didn't come in a bag. Of course, the morning that we're packing and trying to leave I realize that I have the perfect, ultra-lightweight fabric to whip up a quick stake bag, so I did. I used the already-in-the-machine navy blue thread, a brown ribbon (that I tied incorrectly - there should be two loops through the bag, not just two ribbons on either side), and I cut it a bit short because I didn't consider double-folding the ribbon casing. It definitely worked, it's just not the prettiest thing I've made!

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