Saturday, April 1, 2017


I'd hoped to finish a couple of high-yardage WIPs this month. I did get a couple done, a baby blanket and a shawl, but didn't really finish much else.

Working off of the smaller stash, I added a skein from the larger stash for a project I JUST HAD TO cast on but decreased about a mile overall.

Looking at the stash as a whole (I gotta fix those labels!), I went down over a mile this month. I'm still up overall, but almost three miles have left the stash this year. That's a bit less than my general goal/average, over a mile per month.

Project-wise, the numbers are looking decent. The queue continues to go down for the most part, going back up when I've realized I can get another hat out of the available yarn or frogging something that just isn't working. My WIP numbers are still fairly high, ranging from 22 (3/1) to 18 (3/31).

Sure would be a shame if I agreed to knit a shawl from Wollmeise Lace-Garn (1 mile in a skein!) with equivalent payment yarn plus a colorwork sweater in the Will Work for Yarn Ravelry group....(oops)

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