Tuesday, April 25, 2017

About those mystery-alongs

I like them. A lot. I also finish them sometimes too, especially cross stitches. But it seems I've got a backlong going, and I apparently brought most of them with me.

Last year's Steotchalong is still languishing at clue 2. It doesn't look very different and has traveled with me. Again.

I also have the most recent mystery knitalong project, something that is only a month and a half past the official end of the -along. It's onto the edging now, only 72 repeats of a 16-row pattern to go! Sigh

I also have two of the Elemental MKAL series with me, and technically yarn to start the next one if I were to somehow knit through miles and miles of yarn. Fire is one of the few MKALs I've ripped out after I've started, not sure if I'll ever make that one to complete the set or just skip it. I have with me Earth:

and Philosopher's Stone, the designer's choice for the fifth element:

One is much further along than the other. I have a few more in-progress, no-longer-a-mystery-along projects at home too. I haven't yet finished any of the Elemental MKALs and there's another one where the mystery was spoiled early because the designer allows her testers to share full pictures of the whole thing once the first clue is released. I was looking through to see how other Clue #1s were looking and saw the full shawls - I was very disappointed and decided I won't do any more MKALs with that designer. I still haven't decided if I'm going to finish it or find something I like better for that yarn. The mystery is half the fun!

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