Wednesday, April 19, 2017


I'm working on some towels to use up all my kitchen cotton. I cut it a little too close on the second towel:

Oops. It's pretty fixable though. Since it was two rows of each color, I didn't cut the yarn, preferring to carry it up the side of the stripe. I could cut the yarn and join it to finish the row, but that would create more ends and make an obvious step change from one color to the next. Instead, I slipped the unworked blue stitches to the other needle:

I then worked the row as normal, tying the blue off when I got to where it was:

I wove the end of the blue yarn in using the overcast method as I went along. I hate weaving in ends.

It's obviously not the same as using the same blue yarn for the entire row, but it's not all that noticeable either.

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