Sunday, April 23, 2017

Rewards are Important

I'm in Indiana, finishing up some job-related things, closing on my house, trying to finish the library books I still have, and of course, knitting. Since I drove, I packed even more extra yarn than I might normally take, and I want to finish approximately six things while I'm away.

Six sounds like a lot. It kind of is. I've already finished one, the pink towel from last post. Another is a shawl that just needs its edging, one a small-ish cross stitch that is barely started, there's a crocheted table runner that's about 1/3 done, and then there's two projects I have yet to start, a bookmark I'm hoping to get from the leftover shawl yarn and (yet another) Clapotis. The Clapotis is already over halfway complete, the edging over 1/3 complete, and I've added a few inches to the table runner. I also have two pairs of socks and three more shawl WIPs with me. So of course, I want to start the fresh shawl. I haven't given in yet, but it is sitting out as reward knitting once I finish everything but the table runner.

Much better than a carrot!

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