Saturday, August 16, 2008

Secret of the Stole III, Hint #1

Yay, I'm done with Hint #1!!! That means I'm actually keeping up with one of these things for once! Yes, I know it's only the first of nine, and if I actually keep up with this it means I will run out of yarn 3/4 of the way through the last clue, but still, I'm done and can't work on this one until Friday. Yay! I also found my blocking pins, which I thought I, in a boneheaded move, sent to Japan. Apparently I did not, which is good, since I'll have one or two things to (hopefully) block before I go. I'll probably re-block my SotS3 swatch since I just kind of laid it out the first time.

I had ever so many problems with this hint. Only 64 lines, and I had to completely rip back (from row 3, but still...) once, and I had a huge tangle of ickyness that I had to drop down ten stitches for and work them back up the six rows that were erroneous. I also had a bunch of tinking, generally just a few stitches, but tinking nonetheless over various portions. I am quite pleased with my choice of beads and yarn though, and can't wait to see what the next hint is! I'm hoping to clear off something else from the needles, or at least get the @#%Q$%$# Snowflake Sock to the point where I can carry it around. I'm also waiting on a package for a test knit, a pair of socks.

Now on to BYOB...or my Sea Silk Wrap...or my mom's sleeve...none of which have really moved since the last pictures. Except of course the Sea Silk Wrap, since there are no pictures of that! 11 of the 16 projects in my sidebar are in the country. I'm not working on either of the cross stitches since they don't need to be done and take up minimal space. I'm not working on Blaze since I still need another skein. I can't work on the Secret of the Stole III anymore since I've finished everything I have. I can't work on Rogue until I free up a cord for the sleeves. That takes it down to six possible projects to work on. I think I shall work on BYOB for a change of pace, worsted weight yarn instead of the sport/fingering/lace I've been working with for the past couple of weeks. I also need to find the Snowflake Socks chart. Apparently I didn't transfer all the files from my laptop correctly. Good thing I didn't wipe it yet!

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  1. AnaMarie - I love it. The pale pink and your beads appear to be pearls? It looks great. I too had to tink a row and half at least once! Great job. g


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