Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Christmas Ornaments

I finished this kit of Christmas ornaments last year, bringing my cross stitch count down to four: Two massive Art of Disney cross stitches, one medium Christmas Ornaments kit, and one medium-small Pillowcase set that I found when reacquainting myself with my US stash.

Finished Set

This was a kit I got on eBay that seems like it was originally from a small-time group of some sort. The pattern was hand-drawn on graph paper and the thread itself was not labeled as a brand-name of any sort. I used the leftover thread for the biscornu and the Skullcrusher Mountain cross stitch.

Back of stitching

I put some fancy red paper on the back to finish them off, but apparently didn't take any pictures of that. I'll probably use them as gift tags in the future. I managed to get a picture on my little tree this year:

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  1. Your ornaments are cute! Have you ever thought of designing your own?

    Molly : )


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