Monday, January 21, 2013

Non-Thuja Socks of 2012

I finished a few pairs of socks I didn't blog about in 2012 (and one in December of 2011, but close enough). Two for me, one that is just for decoration, one for my husband, and my Mother-in-Law's yearly Christmas pair. I did not make any pairs of socks for me, start-to-finish, in 2012, and that's one of the things I'm planning to remedy this year. I have miles (and miles, and miles...) of sock yarn and many patterns chosen, but not that many pairs of handmade socks in my sock drawer to wear. I'll be keeping some mostly-stockinette socks as my easy, pay-no-attention project until I have at least four pairs knit. I did finish some socks I started in 2011, and here they are:

Three of these pairs of socks were done as test knits, all for Gardiner Yarn Works' excellent book, Indie Socks. The first one ended up being a gorgeous sock, but due to my feet being oddly proportioned, it's destined to be a single sock, used as a decoration or maybe a stocking for a small creature. I'm happy with it as a decoration, and while I would be happier with a pair I could wear, this pattern takes a lot of time and effort, sometimes having up to four colors in a single row! I also nearly lost this sock when I accidentally left it in a train station in Tokyo, right before I was leaving Tokyo to go back to Kanazawa. Luckily, I was able to take a later train and go back to get my knitting bag. I was amazed at how well I was able to communicate in Japanese, especially when I was so flustered.

Pattern: Natsa Sukka (Ravelry, mine)
Yarn: Knit Picks Palatte, taken from a kit I have for a vest.
Needles: US2/2.75mm
Timeframe: December 18, 2011 - January 6, 2012
Mods: None, it was a test knit.
Problems: I think my gauge tightened up in the foot, the 100% wool yarn was not the best choice, and my foot just isn't shaped right for short-row heels.
 Next up, I tested Orange Blossom from the same book. I used a gorgeous green yarn, so called mine "green blossom". I wear these socks weekly. The yarn and pattern just go so well together!

Pattern: Orange Blossom (Ravelry, mine)
Yarn: Indigo Moon Superwash in Heart of the Forest
Needles: US1.5/2.5mm
Timeframe: August 4 - December 11, 2011
Mods: Longer heel flap because of my odd foot.
Problems: None, love this pattern! The detail on the back down through the heel flap is just excellent.
The third sock I tested for the book was Les Rideaux, another sock with patterning extending through the heel flap. I wear these weekly as well. The only real problem is that the pattern doesn't look nearly as good from far away as it does close up - these details are great, but would probably be better in a more solid yarn. I love it in the yarn I chose, but a more solid yarn might suit the pattern better.

Pattern: Les Rideaux (Ravelry, mine)
Yarn: Madelinetosh tosh sock in Loopy's Favorite Season
Needles: US1.5/2.5mm
Timeframe: December 17, 2011 - September 2, 2012
Mods: None, this heel flap worked for me.
Problems: None, though the yarn color seems to be fading fairly quickly on the bottom of the foot as I wear them.
I also finally finished Lee's Christmas socks, those evil things that I had to rip and re-do after feeling so good about them. I am happy with how they came out and think this pattern is a great pattern; I may make a pair of my own someday. I'm also pleased with the photo I managed to get of the pattern on the black socks:
Yarn: Regia 4 ply in Black
Needles: US1.5/2.5mm
Timeframe: December 3, 2011 - August 25, 2012
Mods: Made the heel flap 3" to match the foot of the wearer.
Problems: None, though now we must wait and see if he actually wears them!
Finally, we've got the yearly worsted-weight pair of socks for my Mother-in-Law. She may have enough pairs at this point, I may need to make something else for next Christmas!

Yarn: Dream in Color Classy in Cool Fire
Needles: US6/4.0mm
Timeframe: September 4 - 17, 2012
Mods: I made the heel flap a bit differently, more like what I was used to than what the pattern called for.
Problems: I like the pattern and the yarn, but I'm not sure they make the best combination. My husband picked it out and liked how it turned out, I just wasn't a fan.

This year: make more socks for me, and maybe knit the second sock for the two single socks I have lying around. Maybe.

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