Saturday, February 2, 2013

February Frenzy: Day 1

One of my groups on Ravelry is doing a February Frenzy this month. The rules are simple, you must work on a new/different thing every day of the month. It can be starting a new project, pulling out an old project, organizing your yarn and projects, working on a part of a project (like one Granny Square for a blanket), or anything really, as long as you haven't yet touched it in February. You must also post a picture of your daily project the next day. Just based on the number of projects I'm planning (hoping) to work on this month, I should easily hit 20, and then we might start having difficulties. Or I might just start pulling out tiny ornament cross stitches to start and then put aside for later. Or do the smart thing and pull out the WIPs I wasn't counting and do a row or two.

Anyway, Day 1:

I stayed up past midnight on the 31st, partially because I couldn't sleep, and partially because I wanted to get this one last project in for January's Harry Potter House Cup assignments. So, on February 1st, I worked on this shell.

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